Fraud Investigator

Fraud Investigator

Security Strategies Today offers the leading fraud investigator service options in Arizona without charging a fortune. Fraud investigations are useful when looking into insurance claims, medical malpractice cases, and even circumstances involving identity theft. Fraud ranks among the leading white-collar crimes committed in Arizona, and it touches several industries.

Top Five Most Common Fraud Investigation Cases in Arizona

Security Strategies Today employs experienced investigators who utilize ethical and legal research tactics. When working with our fraud investigators team, you won’t need to worry about illegal or immoral investigation techniques or strategies.

In the past, Security Strategies Today has assisted in investigations of multiple forms of fraud. Please review the top five most common fraud investigation cases we’ve researched in Arizona.

  1. Welfare Fraud – Welfare fraud occurs when applicants for state or federal benefits provide false information to receive benefits, like SNAP. Welfare fraud may not seem like a criminal offense, but producing false statements or claims to government offices is illegal and considered fraud. Security Strategies Today will dispatch an experienced private investigator to explore potential cases of welfare fraud in Arizona.
  2. Unemployment Fraud – Unemployment fraud typically is caught by operating officials right away because they’re trained to spot common indicators of fraud. However, a few fraudulent claims slip past the traditional reviewers for unemployment fraud. When you trust in us at Security Strategies Today, we can thoroughly investigate unemployment cases in detail to pinpoint activities involving fraud.
  3. Elder Abuse Fraud – Unfortunately, the elderly rank as prime targets for identity theft and other fraud-related crimes. Elder abuse fraud can include but isn’t limited to false financial transactions or medical insurance claims. Insurance companies, caregivers, and nursing home operators are the most common perpetrators of elder abuse fraud in Arizona, but family members can sometimes get blamed. Elder fraud may also include theft, embezzlement, and fraudulent investments.
  4. Tax Fraud – Believe it or not, small businesses in Arizona are the most likely to commit tax fraud. Several forms of tax fraud exist, such as the false representation of financial assets or profits. For example, claiming tax credits you or your business didn’t rightfully earn falls into the category of tax fraud. At Security Strategies Today, we can develop comprehensive tax fraud investigations that review even the smallest case details.
  5. Insurance Fraud – Insurance fraud can include many circumstances and situations, such as exaggerating health conditions or physical symptoms. Pursuing an insurance claim for any medical care you didn’t need or creating imaginary symptoms to receive insurance reimbursement is illegal and immoral. Insurance fraud comes with severe criminal punishment in Arizona, no matter what industry you serve. Security Strategies Today has worked with insurance fraud claims on behalf of policy providers in Scottsdale and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Private Investigators Readily Available to Serve You

Security Strategies Today encourages business and individual operators to contact our support team at 480-522-4448 to receive detailed information about our fraud investigation services. Our agency also provides risk assessments, active shooter training, and classes about threat awareness. Besides private investigators, you’ll find a broad range of talents working with our team.

Fraud Investigator

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