Foreign Travel Briefings

Considering travel for work or pleasure to a foreign destination?  Have you done your homework, meaning, what do you really know about the country or region you are about to visit?  Does it enjoy a stable legal system, government, reliable healthcare and a safe water and food supply?  Will I be able to get back to the international airport if I travel to a more remote area?  What happens should I require legal assistance or suddenly need medical attention?  And what about hotel security?

These are but a few of the questions travelers need to address to help minimize inconvenience and discomfort before stepping outside of their home country.  Our concise foreign travel briefings give you the information you need, above and beyond what is provided by tour operators and foreign ministries, so that you can be as prepared as possible for any eventuality.  The term “know before you go” is often spoken but rarely has the notion been more important than at this time.

Our foreign travel briefings address these and other issues and are always updated with the most current information.  We can also tailor a briefing to address your specific concerns in an unbiased manner, including the most credible accounts and the most reliable intelligence.

Cultural Awareness

Traveling to the Middle East, Asia or Africa? Thinking of visiting an iconic landmark, house of worship or restaurant? Or maybe you will be meeting with government officials on your business trip. Whatever the purpose of your foreign travel, it’s wise to become familiar with basic cultural norms and societal expectations, whether formal or informal. What is considered normal and acceptable practice in the United States and Europe may be seen as unwelcome or downright rude in other countries. If you’re travelling to Japan, for example, your interface with men conducting business is vastly different that it would be with women. And travel to certain Middle Eastern countries requires strict adherence to practices which would not be tolerated in the West. Everything from your mode of dress, to shaking hands (or not), to religious practices and eating habits can change from time zone to time zone. Must a woman cover her head? Should tourists hire a local driver or rent a car? Know before you go-get a low cost cultural awareness briefing of the countries you or your employees will visit.