We’ve all heard it time and time again… apparent crazed individual interrupts a class, religious service or other event, such as in the work environment, and starts spraying the room with as many rounds as he can get off.  The action is quick, violent, deliberate and perpetrated at times by a known individual, such as a fellow student or disgruntled employee.  A mass shooting event-those involving at least three victims-occurs on nearly a daily basis in the United States and exacts a horrific toll, both in terms of those whose life is suddenly snuffed out, as well as those who are injured and of course, the family members of those who have been victimized.

There is no easy answer or solution to stemming the violence perpetrated by a determined shooter, many of whom have had a violent past or may be suffering from mental illness.  But there is something you can do to help minimize the chances of becoming a victim or to protect your establishment, employees, worshipers or others who may be suddenly thrust into an “active shooter” event.  The key to enhancing survivability is to plan.  This means strategize, train, practice and revise your plan, probing for weak spots and identifying vulnerable areas and of course, taking remedial action.


Security Strategies Today offers a basic “active shooter training in Scottsdale, AZ”. The course is offered over the course of one day and focuses on identifying those key steps that you can do once you hear the sound of gunfire.  We emphasis the tried and true concept of “run, hide and fight”, that is, taking one or all of these measures to save yourself or others.  We train some crucial steps on how to fight back, how to improvise and make use of makeshift weapons and how to react when police arrive on scene.  Importantly, the course offers insight into the mindset of past perpetrators of mass shooting events and points out the warning signs, that is, worrisome behavior that gave rise to concern about the perpetrator in days and weeks leading up to the event.

The active shooter training can be offered on its own or can be combined with our workplace violence mitigation course.

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