Whether you have been the victim of a get-rich-quick scheme, fraud, stolen identity, theft or misappropriation of assets, if you have been injured in an accident or as a result of medical malpractice, a trusted private investigator can be a crucial member of your team.  An experienced PI gathers evidence, develops investigative leads, interviews witnesses and provides an investigative report with all the details you will rely upon in presenting your case in court. If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit or have been named as a defendant, your private investigator works for you and has your interest in mind. Importantly, a good PI will often be recognized as an “expert witness” by courts at all levels and offers context and interpretation to investigative results.

Travel Safety and Threat Awareness

You’ve got a business trip to a foreign destination to meet first-hand with a new client.  Or, maybe it’s time for some rest and relaxation and you’re headed for that ultimate dream vacation.  You’re armed with your passport-but are you armed with the knowledge of the local environment?  Are you aware of the security and safety issues that come with the terrain?  What about cultural, religious and societal norms?  Prepare before you go!  Get a low-cost travel, threat and safety awareness briefing from us before you step out of your comfort zone!

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Your business is secure and you and your employees are safe once inside, right?  You probably know by now that such an attitude disregards today’s most critical and common threats, from the nightmare of a workplace violence event to a devastating loss of data or intellectual property due to a disgruntled employee-an “insider” threat.  Have you ever conducted a survey of your current safety and security posture?  Have you taken stock of the threats in your immediate surroundings, in your region, country and in your industry or market segment as well?  Be proactive and get a comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessment.  We’ll cover all the essentials in our study and leave you with a complete evaluation of your workplace as well as with a list of remedies you can take to mitigate threats.

 “Active Shooter” Training and Workplace Violence Mitigation

This is our hands-on, basic course for you and your business, religious congregation, school or other educational venue.  It teaches participants the basics of the workplace violence phenomenon-how to recognize and report behavior of concern and how to train for an immediate and efficient response to an actual event so as to increase the possibility of survival and reduce the rate of injuries.  This is a must-do course to address one of the most critical issues of our time.

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