Safety and Security

You may think your environment is safe and secure, when you’re at your office, at work in a shopping mall, at school as a teacher or student or even at a medical appointment.  But, how do you know this?  Have you taken into account the physical surroundings, including access roads, doors, windows, locks and other barriers?  What about the threat from committed terrorists or from someone who would wait in silence in a dark area of your facility for a victim to approach?  If we work in a business that actively tries to draw in large crowds, such as a sports venue or hotel, then that business objective must be achieved taking into consideration multi-layered, effective security.

So, just how secure are your surroundings from these threats as well as others that can manifest themselves with no warning?  We’re not talking about the safety of the stairs or whether the glass on the windows is tempered.  We’re talking about viable escape routes should an explosive device detonate, a specific game plan for worker and guest protection, a designated safe haven, updated crisis management plans and an effective deterrent to mitigate the “insider” threat.  When, if ever, did your business or place of employment complete a multi-faceted vulnerability assessment, that is, a dedicated effort to identify threats from insiders and outsiders who would seek to inflict deliberate harm on the structure, its customers and/or its employees?


If you have never ordered a threat assessment and vulnerability assessment or if your last one is more than a few years old or if the structure and/or purpose of the facility has changed, it’s worthwhile to update it. Just what can you expect to be included in this assessment?  At Security Strategies Today, we take a look at all aspects of security, including

  • Crisis management and business continuity plans
  • Doors, locks, windows and their closing and locking mechanisms
  • Alarms, barriers, stanchions and other physical deterrents to crime or unauthorized entry
  • Employee and visitor access and screening, building passes and parking lot access
  • Mail and parcel delivery and screening
  • Set back of building(s) from street and access to roads
  • Shrubs and trees (kept low to the ground so as not to provide a hiding place)
  • CCTV coverage of high incident or high risk areas; viewing and retention of images


These are but a few of the key areas we look at when you request a threat assessment and vulnerability assessment from us. The assessment itself can take anywhere from one to three or four days, depending on the size of the facility, number of employees and complexity of operations.  Upon completion of the on-site review, a detailed report is provided to management and reviewed.

There will always be risks and threats to security, but you can take measures to reduce them by knowing your weaknesses and vulnerable spots and taking action to enhance protection. 

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