Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Our business continuity training will show you how to prepare your business to withstand major natural or manmade disasters and offer practical, simulated scenarios to lead your team through a crisis, minimizing company down time. Read more

Security and Threat Vulnerability

Prudent assessment of the risks inherent in running a business or while engaging in personal or corporate travel can help prevent mishaps, loss of proprietary information, or running afoul of local law and customs. Our advisory services will guide you through myriad security and threat issues and present you with a compendium of valuable information to help you make informed decisions.Read more

Use of Force Consulting

When assessing lawful use of force, whether it be on the part of a police officer, bar bouncer or neighbor, knowledge of use of force standards is crucial in presenting a strong case. Witness credibility, officer training records and other data must be taken into consideration and weighed appropriately to present a credible case for damages or affirmation of use of force. Read more

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Active Shooter Preparedness Familiarization and Response Plan Basics

This basic course is designed to provide your employees with the knowledge and skills to react quickly and effectively should a shooter enter the workplace or public venue and begin to shoot at employees, customers or bystanders.  The ability to react without hesitation and to follow the basic plan of “run, hide, fight” can make the difference between life and death.  Most people who are gunned down during a random shooting are not the intended victim.  Nevertheless, they are trapped in a volatile and dangerous situation that requires immediate and deliberate action in order to survive.

Here are some basics about our “active shooter” consulting services and training seminar:

We’ve all heard of the horrible shootings that take place from time to time in cities large and small.  Sometimes, a school is targeted.  At other times, it is a place of worship or a theatre, cinema, shopping mall or airport.  These violent interruptions cause mass chaos and death.  In the aftermath, they leave a profound sense of fear, despair and loss.

How can we as a society better understand the active shooter?  What is a “mass shooting”?  Are there pre-attack indicators?  Are there ways to predict who will become such a shooter (a shooter “profile”) and what are the warning signs?  What is the role of law enforcement in preventing mass shootings?

Course Objective:  Our one and one half day course on the active shooter answers these questions and others.  We present to you and your attendees a recent history of the typical perpetrator, both in the United States as well as in other countries.  This classroom and practical course will provide the student with the essential elements of assembling an active shooter preparedness plan and incorporating it into your overall emergency response procedures.  The student will gain an understanding of past shootings by viewing a step-by-step analysis of pre-attack planning, emphasizing the actions taken by the perpetrator and subsequently by innocent bystanders attempting to defend themselves.   Students will learn what happens when law enforcement arrives on scene and the importance of following the commands given by the police.  The course ends with a hands-on, practical scenario enabling students to put what they have learned to practical use.

This course is geared to both public safety officials and civilian personnel who have not updated their response protocols or who have not yet developed a response plan.  The planning element is the key to success and in saving lives.  Key to the success of this training initiative is the active participation of company management.

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In the aftermath of the horrific shooting at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas on October 1, hotel operators, cinema and restaurant managers as well as security personnel assigned to outdoor venues, have logically asked themselves how they can go about “hardening” the location.  Specifically, what reliable measures can they take to make the…

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The Transportation Security Administration on March 21 issued new guidance to airlines and passengers travelling to the United States from ten airports in eight majority Muslim countries.  The revised rules were scheduled to go into effect later in the week.  The new electronic devices ban will prohibit the carriage of larger electronic devices into the…

Logo-Latino-v1.2Coming Soon: Security Strategies for the Latino-Run Business

 "Diesel", the French police dog who assisted in and was killed during anti-terror raids, served with honor and pride.
“Diesel”, the French police dog who assisted in and was killed during anti-terror raids, served with honor and pride.

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