Private Investigations

Whether your company is suffering from employee pilferage or you have been the victim of fraud or attempts at extortion, our private investigations service can help reduce losses and show you how to mitigate damage and operate in a more secure environment.Read more

Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Our business continuity training will show you how to prepare your business to withstand major natural or manmade disasters and offer practical, simulated scenarios to lead your team through a crisis, minimizing company down time. Read more

Security and Threat Vulnerability

Prudent assessment of the risks inherent in running a business or while engaging in personal or corporate travel can help prevent mishaps, loss of proprietary information, or running afoul of local law and customs. Our advisory services will guide you through myriad security and threat issues and present you with a compendium of valuable information to help you make informed decisions.Read more

Use of Force Consulting

When assessing lawful use of force, whether it be on the part of a police officer, bar bouncer or neighbor, knowledge of use of force standards is crucial in presenting a strong case. Witness credibility, officer training records and other data must be taken into consideration and weighed appropriately to present a credible case for damages or affirmation of use of force. Read more

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Art Recovery and Cultural Heritage

statuemalebustvermeertwoThe unlawful trafficking and sale of works of art or other items of cultural heritage is a lucrative and growing underground industry. It is not uncommon for precious works of art, including paintings, sculpture and everyday utensils from ancient civilizations to appear for sale on line or in flea markets. Similarly, the unsuspecting art enthusiast or auction attendee may be tricked into acquiring a stolen or counterfeit piece by unscrupulous dealers. Criminal elements and professional counterfeiters are adept at reproducing high quality versions of famous works as well as fraudulent certificates of origin or export licenses. It is important for the art enthusiast to understand that generally, art, artifacts, paintings and even musical instruments from ancient, Medieval and Renaissance periods are protected in their country of origin as well as by UNESCO accord. There is extensive international law enforcement cooperation in an effort to stem the looting of archeological sites and the sale of stolen masterpieces. However, these efforts take a back seat to violent crimes as well as to the fight against terrorism. Security Strategies Today can assist you in verifying the provenance of artwork and other items of unique cultural or historic value. This is accomplished using our own resources in cooperation with partner agencies as well as international organizations dedicated to stopping the unlawful trafficking of items belonging to the world’s cultural heritage. Although items proven to be trafficked unlawfully must be returned to their rightful owner, the innocent third party who has purchased an item in good faith may have legal recourse, according to national and international laws. It is vitally important for those thinking of acquiring unique artwork, relics or ancient artifacts, including Native American works, to do due diligence in verifying not only the item’s authenticity but the legality of its sale as well. Contact us for more detailed information on safeguarding cultural heritage and in recognizing some common schemes perpetrated by those who would traffic in stolen or counterfeit artwork or related items.

In The News

We recently provided guidance on reducing the all hazards threat to small business. Readers may remember that we touched on physical threats to your infrastructure and equipment stemming from broken or damaged structures, debris in hallways or access routes, faulty electrical lines, etc. We made brief mention of the “insider threat” but did not dwell…

One post 9/11 success story is the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program known as the Container Security Initiative, or CSI.  The program kicked off in 2002 with the blessing of the US congress.  Its objective is to screen 100% of high risk containerized cargo bound for the United States from select foreign seaports. …

We’ve all read the numerous accounts alleging police brutality in recent weeks.  Profiling, racially insensitive comments toward minorities and a general ignorance of issues affecting large segments of the community are some of the milder allegations against some police departments.  Similarly, we’ve seen some horrific acts of vandalism and urban rioting perpetrated by protesters and…

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@FoxNews generally is irresponsible- nothing new…

10 hours ago

RT @AdalahNY: Join the 1400 people who have asked Oprah to renounce Israeli settlement builder Leviev's Angolan blood diamonds…

10 hours ago

Those charged were allegedly spotting and recruiting possible extremists and had planned on leaving Europe for training bin Syria.

20 hours ago

Italian authorities arrest 10 Islamic converts tied to #AlQaeda in nationwide antiterrorism operation.

20 hours ago

Only #Jerusalem is not the capital of #Israel. It is disputed territory illegally occupied. Stop pandering.…

20 hours ago

@davidfrum @AlArabiya_Eng Dave, you and your warmonger friends please send your kids to war. Most prefer verifiable agreements.

21 hours ago

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