Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment

Comprehensive threat assessment is essential to securing your business, and that starts with a thorough understanding of your vulnerabilities. At Security Strategies Today, we use a multidisciplinary, time-tested approach to look at your security from all angles, from the role of technology to the human aspect and physical environment. This enables us to assess your weaknesses and strengths in different scenarios and guide you in ways to mitigate risks.

What is Threat Assessment

It goes without saying that security is critical in any organization. From major corporations to small startups, all businesses face certain levels of risk associated with different threats. The threats may be from intentional acts to cause harm, natural events, or accidents.

Whatever the nature of the threat, as a business owner, you have a responsibility to manage or limit the risk of these threats. So, how can you ensure you have a multilayered security system to avert or minimize potential threats? By conducting a threat assessment.

A comprehensive physical assessment of the critical areas of your security system, as well as its control and the parameters throughout your organization, can give you the information you need to revamp your security.

Tips for Keeping Your Business More Secure

Criminals and terrorists have become smarter, which means it’s vital now more than ever to improve and update your security systems. Luckily, there are new and better ways to protect your assets, clients, and employees against those with ill intentions. The following tips can help keep your business more secure.

  • Consider Shatterproof Windows

Before, windows presented an easy entry point into buildings. However, with shatterproof films, your windows will be strengthened, adding an extra layer of security to your building.

  • Install Sensors

You can never go wrong with extra sensors on doors and windows. This security measure can make all the difference in ensuring your business is more secure.

  • Surveillance and Alarm Systems

A good surveillance system should be installed even in easily overlooked areas. The system can alert your security team of suspicious activity, and in the event of an incident, identify those responsible while providing evidence. In addition, in case there is an attempted break-in, an alarm system will send intruders running.

  • Update Your Doors

Many people simply overlook their doors, which act as the first line of defense. With advanced technology, you can get doors that are almost impenetrable.

  • Get a Panic System

Nowadays, threats are not only limited to the dead of night. They can happen at any time, including broad daylight. Giving your employees internal panic bars, among other ways to inform authorities and escape, is essential to their safety.

Threat Assessment Experts

Are your business, infrastructure, and staff prepared for security risks like theft, terrorism, or workplace violence? Because company security has to be addressed at various levels, the most effective approach needs multidisciplinary expertise, which we possess. We are able to determine the likelihood of different threats, come up with action plans, and recommend security measures to secure your organization, employees, guests, and clients. For a full threat assessment quote, call us today on 480-522-4448.

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Threat Assessment

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