Fraud Investigator Scottsdale

Fraud Investigator Scottsdale

In every company, deception or fraud situations can occur, threatening the company in a significant way. In many cases, these internal threats are challenging, especially to discover and demonstrate them. In these cases, hiring a top-of-the-line fraud investigator is the best alternative. It is essential to understand why you should go to these specialists and where you can find the best fraud investigator in Scottsdale.

Why Hire a Top-Notch Fraud Investigator for Your Company?

Deception and misappropriation within a company can seriously threaten your company’s existence. Regarding the working team, at least 20% of sick and injured leaves are faked. Many employees resort to this scam to take advantage of their employers or the organization’s insurance companies.

This bogus leave involves the payment of an additional employee since you usually have to hire substitute staff. In many cases, the employee sues the company for additional amounts, accusing the employer of being responsible for their conditions. The expert investigator is in charge of verifying the facts and put in evidence the scammers.

Besides, every year, companies suffer various material losses, which are usually the staff’s responsibility. Among the most common situations are:

  • Theft of corporate materials or assets, or intellectual property
  • Misappropriation
  • Copyright violations
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Insider threats
  • Pilferage of cargo

If necessary, the fraud investigator will make inquiries to identify those responsible and determine their operation mode. They will also give you a detailed report with critical information, which will allow you to justify the dismissals and the legal actions that may occur.

3-Top Benefits of Hiring a Leading Fraud Investigator

  1. Advice: the investigator brings all their experience to check the facts and detect the workers’ deceptions or those responsible. Besides, depending on the circumstances, elite investigators like those of the Security Strategies Today team will be able to indicate the best way forward, always in defense of your interests.
  2. Expert Witness: Private investigators certified by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) and with extensive experience, are well recognized in the courts. If you must go to court to defend the company from fraud, the expert investigator can be an exceptional witness, offering context and interpretation to investigative results.
  3. Deterrence: When you hire an investigator, and the investigator can clear up fraud and expose those responsibly, you will be setting a precedent in your organization. This will warn the rest of the staff about the consequences they may suffer if they commit some fraud, deception, or theft from your company, and they will inhibit themselves from committing acts that threaten your company.

Trust the Best

If your company is threatened by fraud or scams, you can count on the specialists at Security Strategies Today, the greatest fraud investigator in Scottsdale. Let us help you clarify any situation that could damage your organization. We will deliver you a practical solution, with the utmost discretion, achieving the best results for your business. All this at the most competitive prices in the industry. Contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Fraud Investigator Scottsdale

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Fraud Investigator Scottsdale

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