FOID card Chicago

FOID card Chicago

Weapons have always been an essential part of American life. It is an instrument that allows legitimate defense against any threat, a right enshrined in the Second Amendment of The Bill of Rights. However, despite being a federal right, each state has the power to regulate the purchase, use, and possession of firearms in its territories.

In the case of Illinois, there are laws such as “Illegal Use of Weapons” or “Illegal Possession of Firearms” whose purpose is to criminalize the possession and sale of illegally obtained or illegally possessed weapons. Fortunately, there are also mechanisms for a state citizen to legally possess weapons, keep them at home, at work, or carry them without penalty. This legality is achieved by obtaining a FOID card. You should know its importance, and how you can get it successfully.

What Is The FOID Card?

It is a required identification document for Illinois residents who want to possess firearms, established by law since 1968. In addition to possession, a FOID card is required for the purchase and transfer of such weapons, and the purchase of ammunition. The body responsible for issuing the card is the State Police Department.

This document may be issued to any Illinois resident over the age of 21 freely. Those between the ages of 18 and 21 must be supported by parental responsibility. The duration of the document is ten years from its issuance, and its processing takes between 30 days and 12 weeks, depending on the volume of applications that the FOID Department has pending.

Why is Important the FOID Card?

Every year, the incidence of gun-related violence is increasing in America. The state of Ilinois, and more specifically, cities like Chicago, suffer from this situation at an accelerated rate. Regulations, such as the FOID card, are government measures that seek to fight crime hard.

Which Factors Influence Obtaining the FOID Card?

When a state citizen makes an application, the main objective of the FOID Department is to verify that this is a person of good character and that their intentions to have a gun are not criminal.

This is done through a thorough background analysis of applicants, using an electronic database managed by the FBI. This database is known as the National Instant Criminal History Check System (NICS). The police then identify any reason why a person should not obtain the permit. These are the main ones:

  • Felony Conviction
  • A conviction for gender-based violence
  • A conviction for assault within the last five years
  • Issuance of a restraining order against a person

Besides, the Police Department makes mental health values. They use the Department of Human Services database, where they verify that the applicant does not have any mental deficiency that shows threatening, suicidal, or criminally violent behavior.

How to Get the FOID Card in Chicago?

To get your permission, you must make a formal application to the state police, and meet some requirements including a legal state resident ID, a photograph, and a non-refundable $11 application fee. The wisest thing is to get advice from a local gun shop, so you can fill out the application correctly and avoid being turned down.

If you wish to apply for the FOID card in Chicago and want assistance, Midwest Guns And Range can help you completely free of charge. Contact us and make your appointment. Our experienced staff will support you in making your application successful. Contact us.

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FOID card Chicago

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