Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment

The equipment used to extinguish the smallest fires should have efficacy to achieve control of a fire in the first moments of its production. Your selection and use for each type of fire, should be known and practiced by as many people as possible.

There are many types of equipment used to help fight fires, none being more popular than fire extinguishers. This article will elaborate more on the use of extinguishers when combating a fire.

Different types of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers come in 3 different types of fire extinguishers:

1. A permanent pressure extinguisher contains extinguishing agent and propellant together in the bottle. Thus, it is under constant pressure and must be activated for use only by pressing the trigger device.

2. A charge extinguisher consists of an extinguishing agent container and a propellant bottle mounted inside or outside.

3. The gas extinguisher contains only CO2. It is in this case at the same time extinguishing agent and propellant gas.

What extinguishing agent is found?

In an apartment, it is best to use a foam extinguisher, because it is beneficial and causes no significant pollution. The foam, similar to soap foam, can be easily wiped off and has virtually no negative impact on furnishings.

With a carbon dioxide extinguisher, the fire is both stifled and cooled below the ignition temperature. Because the extinguishing agent is residue-free, it is also well suited to extinguish electrical fires. However, this type does not penetrate deep-seated materials such as, furniture, wood, and paper, which may re-ignite – depending on the powder.

A powder extinguisher can be used for fire classes A, B, and C. Although it has the highest extinguishing power, however, the use entails high pollution, as the powder settles in virtually every crack and every angle. In conjunction with air or moisture, it can lead to severe corrosion damage. The mode of action of the powder is anti-catalytic, i.e., it is unchanged from a reaction again. On the surface of the many fine powder granules, the radicals are rendered harmless, and the combustion reaction is thereby stopped abruptly.

The water extinguisher is only suitable for solid fuels. It cools the burning material below its ignition temperature. Also, the resulting water vapor displaces the oxygen required for combustion.

How to choose a fire extinguisher

The training of people in the handling of extinguishing equipment: fire extinguishers, cars, etc., is fundamentally oriented to facilitate the task of choosing the most suitable equipment for each type of fire.

First, you must identify the kind of fire that you want to extinguish and then proceed to choose the appropriate extinguishing equipment for that kind of fire.

Where to purchase fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment online

At South Coast Fire & Safety, we stock a range of firefighting equipment only from the most trusted companies known and respected for their innovation, quality, and dependability. Types of equipment include extinguishers, medical bags, oxygen kits, fire blankets and more, that are ideal for EMS agencies or rescue squads.

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