Dog Bite Lawyer Tampa

Dog Bite Lawyer Tampa

Animal bite cases are unfortunately common and can result in severe damages. If someone else’s dog has injured you, you may be undergoing pain and suffering. You might also be facing mounting medical expenses and lost wages if you’re unable to work due to your injuries. With the assistance of a Florida dog bite attorney, you can take steps to recover your damages. At Winter’s & Yonker, our dedicated dog bite attorneys will represent your rights and fight for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite

The following steps could increase your chances of obtaining the full amount of damages you’re owed:

  • Document the incident. If you can do this without putting yourself at more risk, take photos of the scene, dog, and injuries. Also, if possible, write down everything that took place. Note down the dog owner’s name, address, telephone number, and insurance provider. Additionally, exchange contacts and information with witnesses. Remember, your safety is paramount. So seek medical attention immediately.
  • Get in touch with animal control. Their investigations can help with your claim and prevent future incidences.
  • Call a trusted dog bite lawyer in Tampa. They’ll handle your claim and ensure you get the maximum settlement.

Types Of Defenses To Expect In A Dog Bite Case

You can be entitled to compensation if you’re hurt by a dog in Tampa, even if it’s the first time the dog bit anyone. That said, the animal owner’s insurer will put up defenses to try and pay you less or deny your case. Some of the defenses may include:

  • Lack Of Knowledge – If the dog doesn’t have previous incidences or the owner had no reason to expect their dog to bite a person, they can use the defense that their lack of knowledge exempts them from responsibility.
  • Negligence – If the dog was in an area where leashes aren’t mandatory, or it was properly restrained, the owner could try and prove negligence.

Knowing the possible defenses that could be raised for your claim helps you prepare proper evidence to strengthen your case and final settlement. Together with one of the finest Florida dog bite attorneys, you have to show that the owner should have known or knew that their dog was dangerous. You also have to demonstrate that the dog had a tendency to attack, or there were previous instances where the dog attacked another person or animal.

Your dog bite attorney will further help you demonstrate that:

  • The dog bite was unprovoked
  • The dog caused your personal injury.
  • You were on public property or allowed to be on a private property when you were bitten.

How To Know You Have A Viable Dog Bite Claim

A top-rated dog bite and attack lawyer will thoroughly assess every aspect of your case to determine whether you have a viable claim. If you do, they’ll aid you in gathering the necessary evidence to prove it.

Experienced Dog Bite Attorneys

Were you bitten by a dog? Our leading dog bite lawyer in Tampa will work hard to get you the compensation you’re entitled to. At Winters & Yonker, we’re a top-rated law firm, and we’ll help you hold the person accountable for your injuries following a dog attack. You can be sure we’ll relentlessly pursue a favorable outcome no matter how tough the situation becomes. Call us and request a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer: 1-813-223-6200.

Dog Bite Lawyer Tampa