At Security Strategies Today, we take your business and the safety of your employees seriously. We offer business vulnerability and threat awareness training throughout the Phoenix area and elsewhere in the southwest and nationwide! This training is essential in educating the business owner or corporation in identifying risks to the enterprise and in taking swift and effective remedial actions to mitigate them.

What are some of the vulnerabilities that can negatively impact my business? There are actually too many to enumerate, but the business owner and management team need to be proactive in dealing with vulnerabilities such as these:

Are my business installations secure? Security of the physical structure alone is not sufficient to protect your equities. A sophisticated alarm system is great but that does not prevent against the insider threat. What about preventing loss, theft, or equipment destruction from disgruntled employees or contractors? Is the intellectual property, including trade secrets, proprietary formulas and processes under threat of being unlawfully copied or imitated? How much damage are your employees or competitors doing to your brand through on-line means, including data exfiltration?

Do you operate in a safe environment? Are there hazards that compromise the safety of your team? Are you adequately insured against employee lawsuits that threaten your livelihood and importantly, what are you doing to reduce the likelihood of a successful employee claim against your business?

Do you export a product or do you import anything? If so, are you aware of US import/export rules and are you in compliance with them? Is the supply chain safe and how can you determine if your suppliers are adding more risk to your own operations? Have you vetted them? As an exporter, does your product comply with local product safety rules and regulations? You may want to ensure that you have met all legal requirements in the destination country before exporting and that you are also following US Office of Foreign Asset Controls rules and the International Trafficking in Arms statute (22 U.S.C. 2778 of the Arms Export Control Act) regarding exports to certain nations.

What about Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) rules and regulations? Not only does the federal statute prohibit discrimination based on race, but there are several other protected categories of employees. Are you offering annual refresher training in EEO compliance to your managers? EEO law is evolving quickly so you need to be in compliance with federal EEO regulations and current court rulings.

Security Strategies Today offers half day and day-long training on vulnerability and threat detection, management and mitigation. We also can tailor a crisis management simulated scenario for your team in which we analyze response and efficacy during a crisis. The training includes a follow-up visit to your business premises wherein we evaluate the progress your team has made in reducing risk and enhancing employee safety and site security. Give us call for a free rate quote and let us help your business reduce its risk exposure to risk and improve its performance during a crisis.