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Unable to Resolve an Issue? Need to know the Truth? Security Strategies Today, your private investigator in Phoenix. We are an Arizona licensed private investigations agency servicing the greater Phoenix area and all of Arizona. Our reach extends nationwide and to foreign countries through pour extensive partnerships. We take pride in our reputation, our personnel and our experience. Let us help you get the facts you need to protect you, your family or your business. A good private investigator takes time to interview the client, learn the facts of the dispute or inquiry and then follows up regularly, providing updates and clarifying issues as need be. You pay your hard earned money for a qualified private investigator. Why waste it? Place your trust in experienced law enforcement and intelligence personnel who know how to navigate myriad databases and regulatory agencies so that you get the evidence you need to support your case or claim.

From Disability Claims, Insurance Fraud and Employee Malfeasance to Litigation Support, Domestic Relations and Corporate Espionage, we are your one-stop private investigator, serving all areas in Phoenix and the Valley and beyond the state. We’ll travel throughout to conduct the interview, obtain surveillance evidence and get the documents you need to substantiate your case or claim.

In disability claims matters, fraud is rampant. If you are an employer, you need to be certain that the employee who claims a disability or a work-related injury is lawfully entitled to such benefits. Not many employers can afford the luxury of their own investigations branch. Why not contract with Security Strategies Today? Our low rates and professional service are our hallmark.

Suffering losses or theft of merchandise or money at work? Are you suspicious of one or more employees? We will conduct a discreet inquiry of your personnel and take advantage of all lawful investigative techniques. If the theft or fraud stems from an insider, you need to have the evidence to support the employee’s possible dismissal and prosecution. We’ll handle it efficiently and professionally!

Insurance fraud of all types costs the economy nearly one billion dollars a year. Are you taking the right steps from the outset of a suspected fraudulent claim? The result of such widespread fraud translates into increased insurance premiums for everyone. Our methodic analysis of documents, video, medical records and other evidence will allow you to make an accurate assessment of whether a claim is legitimate, fraudulent or somehow overstated.

If you operate a law firm or represent clients in civil or criminal matters, let us help! Contract with a licensed, private investigator with extensive experience operating in the Phoenix area and statewide. We obtain witness statements, seek information to corroborate or refute the statements of others, meet discreetly with sources of information and pursue sensitive leads involving police or law enforcement corruption or non-adherence to procedure. Our efforts allow you, the attorney, to aggressively pursue settlements with the opposing party and relieve you of burdensome investigation. We provide all our services, including interview, in Spanish as well.

Security Strategies Today, your full-service private investigator, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona and beyond!