You’ve invested your time and capital in your business. So how confident are you in the ability of your business to continue operating in adverse conditions? What about your company’s survivability after a devastating natural or man-made disaster? Do you have a plan? Have you identified the risks? Have you prepared your staff?

Make Security Strategies Today your Business Continuity training resource. We offer customized, on-site training for you and your staff. We take you and key stakeholders through all the steps of business continuity training, including:

Theory: Just what is Business Continuity or Continuity of Operations? What is the difference between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery? How does Business Continuity differ from Crisis Management?

Identification of Key Processes, Business Functions: You will learn about mission essential or mission critical businesses processes, those fundamental activities of your day-to-day operations that allow you to continue to service your clients, make sales, deliver products. In Business Continuity training, a key learning metric is ensuring you have the wherewithal and essential functional capability to service your clients, at least partially, until your enterprise is able to return to normal operations, that is, until full recovery.

Alternate Site Availability, including an EOC: Learn the basics about identifying alternate sites in which some key elements of your business can begin operating if your primary worksite, such as an office complex or factory, has been destroyed or

seriously damaged during a significant, adverse event. What equipment can you relocate to the new site and is there storage capacity for equipment and supplies removed from the damaged site? And just what is an EOC or Emergency Operations Center? How is it staffed? Who is in charge of it?

Your most important asset of course is your personnel, your human capital. Learn how to identify the work functions of key managers, designate alternate personnel, cross-train employees and write an effective succession plan for your business. Learn the importance of devolution in the Business Continuity plan and what it means for your management team.

Reconstitution: Finally, what about the massive effort required to reconstitute or restore the organization to its pre-event status upon termination of the temporary, emergency status? How is this accomplished and how do we identify and establish the Point of Contact (POC) for this and for all other Business Continuity functions?

It’s not a joke. Business Continuity training is essential. It requires time, planning and an all-hands-on-deck approach. Make this training a requirement for your business and for your employees. You won’t regret it.

Security Strategies Today can provide you with a low cost Business Continuity Training, including an on-site assessment, employee training and exercise scenario. We travel to your business throughout the Phoenix area and elsewhere in Arizona and the southwest. Don’t delay-call today!